Synod on Synodality Resources

Diocesan Resources

Synodal Pathway in Hallam: II Smaller Steps

Leaflet to Help in Synodal Conversations 

Poster for Parishes

Synod Responses Record Sheet (To Record Individual Parish Meetings)

Synod Responses Parish Summary (To Summarise All the Conversations in the Parish)

Safeguarding Resources

Shared Resources

From Parishes in the Diocese

Synod Leaflet from St William’s, Sheffield

Posters from St Marie’s Cathedral Parish

Parish Resource from Hathersage and Bamford Parishes

From Outside the Diocese

MBIT Mini-Series on Synodality

Synod Resourcese from the Archdiocese of Westminster

Synod Disability Resources from the Archdiocese of Newark USA

Leaders Resourcese from the Diocese of Motherwell, Scotland can be accessed here:

Synodality : A Missionary Reflection- Columbans