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Good Shepherd Appeal
for Schools, 2024


The Good Shepherd Appeal has a long-standing tradition in the Diocese of Hallam, and is the key fundraising initiative for Caritas Hallam (formerly known as Hallam Caring Services). Caritas Hallam is the social action arm of the Diocese of Hallam.

Although Caritas offers support to the many different social action projects around the Diocese, the Good Shepherd Appeal primarily fundraises for the provision of Counselling Services in Schools.

These services are used in schools by schools, to benefit:

    • the children of those schools,
    • the families of those children, and
    • the staff working with the children.

The theme of this year’s Good Shepherd Appeal in Schools is:

Every Day Miracles

For our 2024 Appeal, we will be encouraging Primary and Secondary Catholic Schools in the Diocese to:

  • Discuss how God works miracles in our lives, every day, by using the people around us; that love is the ‘currency’ of miracles – step out in the name of love and service of others, and God will use that to bring about positive changes to people’s lives
  • Explore the lives of three Saints, all called Teresa: St Teresa of Ávila (1515-1582), St Thérèse of Lisieux (1873-1897); and St Teresa of Calcutta (1910-1997)
  • Fundraise for the work of Caritas in the Schools and communities of our Diocese.


The Good Shepherd Appeal Celebration 2024 will take place at St Peter-in-Chains in Doncaster, date and time to be confirmed shortly. All Schools are warmly invited to attend, but we will try to arrange for this event to be livestreamed to enable everyone to join in.


Full Resources for this Appeal will be available from 1st - 6th February 2024.


Have no doubt: your fundraising to support the work of Caritas Hallam is very much needed! The children and families of our own communities, need you. So please help us to raise these vital funds so that we can meet the ever-increasing mental health needs of our communities.

Thank you!


For help and assistance, please contact the Good Shepherd Appeal Team on:

[email protected]


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Good Shepherd
Resources for Schools 2024


In our Schools Information Pack 2024 for the Good Shepherd Appeal, you will find an overview of our suggestions for this year’s Appeal. You can download of a copy of it here:

 Good Shepherd Appeal 2024 Schools Pack

Full Resources for Days 1, 2 and 3 will be available from 1st February 2024.

Click to download playlist

Day 1 – Good Shepherd Learning:

Pri Day 1 Good Shepherd Learning for Primary Schools.pdf

Sec Day 1 Good Shepherd Learning for Secondary Schools.pdf

Day 1 Every Day Miracles Presentation 2023.pptx (PDF temporarily)


Day 2 – Good Shepherd Adoration:

Day 2 Good Shepherd Adoration 2024.pdf


Day 3 – Good Shepherd Giving:

Day 3 Good Shepherd Giving 2024.pdf



For help and assistance, please contact the Good Shepherd Appeal Team on:

[email protected]


Thank you.


Donations to support the work of Caritas Hallam can be paid by direct bank transfer. Our bank details are:

Account Number: 41842986
Sort Code: 40 41 07
Reference: 2024APPEAL, immediately followed by the first part of your school’s post-code. (E.g. 2024APPEALDN4).


We also ask that you complete a Certificate of Fundraising. If your school will be physically able to attend this year’s Celebration, please download, print and complete the Certificate below:

Certificate of Fundraising Good Shepherd 2024.pptx

Certificate of Fundraising Good Shepherd 2024.pdf

If your school is unable to attend this year’s Celebration at St Peter-in-Chains, please email us your school’s name and postcode, and the amount that you have raised, and we will prepare a Certificate on your behalf. These details can be sent through to:

[email protected]

Thank you!

And may God bless your pupils, your staff, and the communities you serve. Amen.