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Domestic Abuse Awareness and ‘Ask for Ani’

This week, the Government are launching their ‘codeword’ scheme to make it easier for people to ask for help at the pharmacy or supermarket. ‘Ask for Ani’ encourages people to say the codeword so that they can be taken to a private consultation room or safe place so that they then have the option to call the Police, the National Domestic Abuse Helpline, or a local domestic abuse service.

We can all take action to become ‘Domestic Abuse Aware’ and prepare to respond effectively to a disclosure of domestic abuse.

We are running a series of webinars to discuss the ‘Ask for Ani’ scheme and to assist you with becoming ‘Domestic Abuse Aware’. These sessions will be approximately 45 minutes long and will cover, what the ‘Ask Ani’ scheme is, how you can effectively respond to a disclosure, who IDAS are and the services we provide, and we will also allow time to answer your questions.

We are running a number of these to make is as easy as possible for our partners and other professionals to attend. Please do share this information widely.

The dates are as follows:

January 26 | 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

January 27 | 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

February 2 | 7:30 am – 8:30 am

February 3 | 9:00 am – 10:00 am

Upcoming Training can be found here:

Bishops appoint former top prosecutor to lead safeguarding agency

The Catholic bishops of England and Wales have appointed the former Chief Crown Prosecutor in the Rochdale grooming gang cases as the Chair of their new safeguarding agency.

The appointment of Nazir Afzal as the Chair of the Catholic Safeguarding Standards Agency (CSSA) was formally announced at an online press conference on the morning of Tuesday May 18.

Mr Afzal has served as the Chief Crown Prosecutor for North West England and Director in London, as well as the Chief Executive of the Police and Crime Commissioners.

During a 24-year career Mr Afzal has prosecuted many of the most high profile criminal cases in the country, advised on many others, and led nationally on legal matters surrounding such topics as violence against women and girls, child sexual abuse, and honour-based violence. He was responsible for bringing sex-traffickers in the Rochdale grooming gang scandal to justice, as well as Stuart Hall, the former television presenter who in 2014 was convicted of multiple sex offences against children.

The bishops will also announce the appointment ofStephen Ashleyas the Deputy Chair of the CSSA. Mr Ashley is a former Assistant Chief Constable who authored a Home Office report on the conduct of the police during the investigations into sex offences committed by former television personality Jimmy Savile.

The appointments of Amanda Ellingworth,Wesley Cuelland DrJenny Holmesas Non-Executive Directors will also be announced by the bishops. The Board will also be strengthened by the appointment of BishopPaul Masonof the Bishopric of the Forces as the Lead Bishop for Safeguarding, andFrDavid Smolira SJas the Lead Religious. Carol Lawrence, Project Director, will also remain as a Director of the CSSA. The appointments mean that the bishops are on track to deliver the fully-functioning safeguarding agency within the six months originally envisaged by the Catholic Safeguarding Project.

The agency is being created amid wide-ranging reforms to safeguarding structures within the Church following the recommendations in November by the Elliott Review (see below), with the aim of establishing the highest possible standards.The agency replaces separate existing structures with a singlebody with greater regulatory powers across the Catholic Church of England and Wales, extending to all dioceses and associated religious bodies.

It has been established as a trading company with independence in its day-to-day operation under the responsibility of a management board and with the powers to ensure that each Church body partnered with the agency is complying with published standards.

The Chair will provide effective leadership and management to the board of the CSSA, and will have responsibility for the governance and strategic direction of the agency.

Mr Afzal will work constructively with the chief executive, the board, the Catholic Church, survivor groups and wider stakeholders to ensure that its objectives are fully achieved.

The Non-Executive Directors of the Board will share responsibility for ensuring the long-term success of the agency. They will have oversight of its financial and operational management, and its sustainability and will contribute to planning and implementing its future strategic direction.

Man Posing as a Minister of Religion

Man Posing as a Minister of Religion

A man calling himself Dominic Cooper, living in the Salford area, is posing as a Catholic Priest and Anglican Vicar. He has fraudulently conducted both Catholic and Anglican funerals, both here and in South Wales, and is offering blessings. There is no claim that he has attempted to celebrate a Requiem Mass.

If this man approaches you, please inform the Safeguarding Office. Please always ask for appropriate identification of unknown clergy who may visit.