Monthly Day of Prayer for the Synod – July

Lord Jesus Christ, who loves your Church and wishes for Her this season of grace,let us embrace openly and with joy this opportunity of becoming a “Synodal Church.”Let us be a listening Church, making a pauseof our routines and pastoral concerns to listen … Read More


Much more than hearing will be our listening:That vain words are carried away by the wind.And to enter into idle chatteroutside the path of the synod. Courage is asked of us in speakingOn the way to better discernment,our hearts uncoveredand the … Read More

Mary of May

A simple life is not an empty life.A dedicated life is not a hidden life….Mary of dialogue with GabrielMary of accompaniment with ElizabethMary of respect with JosephMary of tenderness with JesusMary on the road to EgyptMary at the feast of … Read More

Prayer for Synod of Bishops

St. Francis of Assisi your deep love for Christ and church embarked you to live in Christ with humility.  We humbly pray to renew and enflame our timid and lukewarm mind, soul, heart to worship God with overflowing energy and … Read More

Monthly day of prayer for the Synod

Good Teacher, as the man of the Gospel called youand whom you were open to encounter,give us your way of behaving in this Synodal processto let ourselves be met and sensitive to   our brothers and sisters’ worries, like you did. Grant … Read More

We pray for synod of synodality

Holy Spirit our way to truth guide the church in the midst of turmoil and chaos in the world of uncertainties . Help each person to be bond in the unity of love and peace, fill everyone in the church … Read More

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