Youth – Together Gathering of the People of God

As the Synod of Bishops opened in Rome, young people from our Diocese got together to take part in workshops suggested by Pope Francis for the young of the Church.

We met in St Peter-in- Chains, Doncaster for the afternoon and workshops were held on

  • Together, receiving and caring for the gift of Creation
  • Together, growing in humanity and sharing our gifts and abilities
  • Together announcing Christ
  • Together, reflecting on our faith

The afternoon was a time to pray and entrust the work of the Synod of Bishops to the Holy Spirit. During the afternoon we had local speakers engaging the young people through activity and reflection on our lives in communion with those on the margins. We spent time learning about sainthood, how to share the scriptures, the marginalised and how we are called to action.

If you would like to get involved either as a young person or to share your gifts with the young please contact [email protected] Sue McDonald