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Excellent experience!

Are you aware that Caritas Caring Service offers placements for students looking to qualify as counsellors?

We currently have 12 students within the organisation and offer 100 hours of counselling in the areas of Vulnerable Adults, Children, Family Therapy, and couples counselling.

Here is what Nicky has to say about his experience with Caritas.

“I have been fortunate enough to spend the last two years as a placement student for Caritas, learning, developing, emoting and having the huge privilege of sharing counselling sessions with incredible people that I feel very lucky to have known at depth.

The setting of my placement, Carmel Care, is a building that ‘provides a supportive and comfortable space in which people can, individually and together, experience spiritual and emotional growth through sharing their life experiences’. From my very first time arriving at Carmel, the volunteers and attendees there put me at ease. Whilst the counselling sessions took place in a private room, clients did pass through the building and the environment provided a safe, warm and welcoming start to any session.

I had support throughout my placement and was also granted a lot of autonomy in order to build the therapeutic relationships I developed. The minimum requirement in order to become qualified is 100 counselling hours during placement, but such were the opportunities and love I had for the work, that I had completed over 200 hours by the time I graduated.

I will always be grateful to Caritas for giving me this opportunity to work with a variety of unique and wonderful clients. This has developed not just my counselling skills, but also furthered my appreciation and understanding of the world and the impact on each other of the extraordinary people in it”.


In partnership with SAVTE ( Sheffield Association for Voluntary Teaching of English) Carmel Care is hosting a English Conversation Group every Monday from 10.30 – 12.00.

We want to support people to develop English Language skills so that they can gain in confidence become independent and feel safe in a friendly and supportive environment. .

The sessions are informative, relaxed and fun. Each week the session is followed with a hot lunch for anyone who would like to stay.

For more information please contact Janet Kent 07927657462