Young Pilgrims Journey in the Footsteps of St Cuthbert

After Easter a few of our young adults joined together with FcJ youth network and the Sue McDonald, youth director for Hallam and embarked on a 4 day pilgrimage along St Cuthbert’s way. Here is a reflection from one of the participants from Hallam.

On our recent pilgrimage to Lindisfarne (Holy Island), we encountered the story of St. Cuthbert, a missionary monk who captured the essence of living the gospel in an authentic witness of simplicity.

The pilgrimage took us through the stunning Northumbrian countryside allowing the time and space for deep inward reflection as well as forming fellowship with our other pilgrims. Supported by the Sisters of The Faithful Companions of Jesus, the collective of pilgrims came from all walks of life. Together we shared in daily tasks of cooking, cleaning, preparing for the next days walk, and in supporting each other. What first was a group of strangers became a fellowship of pilgrims ultimately aiming for the same goal, who supported each other in doing that through the wind, rain, mud, and sea.

The pilgrimage was a great opportunity to share in a journey of continuous reflection and in understanding of what it is to be a part of a wider Catholic family. Going on pilgrimage reminds us of the universal pilgrimage we are all travelling on; the one to heaven. And so in going on pilgrimage to honour the saints, we are honouring not only the paths they trod but the lives they lead to reach the beatific vision.

In this pilgrimage honouring St. Cuthbert, the takeaway was his respect of obedience to the Church, the deep prayer life he had, and needing nothing but God. All of these things are a reminder of what really matters, but to get there we need to embrace the cross, share the journey with others, and prioritise what really matters. Sue McDonald