As midsummer approaches, we hope you are able to enjoy some time out in the summer sunshine along with the birds and flowers and bees and butterflies.

Many challenges are still with us but each day offers us little gifts of beauty if we allow ourselves a moment or two to pause, notice and savour. This phase of the year between planting and harvesting is traditionally a time to take some rest where we can. May you be blessed with little gifts of pause and beauty as we journey through the height of these summer days.

There is still time to apply for the next Personal & Spiritual Development course and Training in Spiritual Conversation Skills course both starting in the autumn term after the summer break. Please find the details Below:

A course in Personal & Spiritual Development

Growing in personal awareness, spiritual practice & reflective living

  • Providing a safe space to deepen our relationship with God and explore its creative expression in our everyday context
  • Primarily experiential and grounded in Ignatian spirituality
  • Rooted in the premise that the deepening of our awareness of God and ourselves go hand-in-hand and enabling greater wholeness and integration in our own lives, in our community life and in the life of creation

This course is run over two years. Past participants have described the course as transformational and a significant stepping stone or waymarker in their journey of faith.  For those who want to move more slowly through the programme, it’s possible to take a break in between year one and year two.

The next course will start in September 2022 and will run at St Bede’s on Thursday evenings from 7pm until 9.15pm. 
The deadline for applications is Friday 8th July. 
Cost is £495 a year or £165 per term.
No-one should be excluded because of costs, please enquire if you need assistance.

If you would like more information we will happily send you a copy of the course leaflet which includes more details along with an application form – just be in touch with the St Bede’s office: programmeadmin@stbedes

Training in Spiritual Conversation Skills

Learning to listen and respond to others more deeply 

A one year ON-LINE course, taking place in an ecumenical context and rooted in the Ignatian tradition.

Opening Saturday 1st October, followed by one Tuesday evening each month for 9 months (no session in April) 

The key aims of the course are to become sensitive and alert to opportunities for spiritual conversation in everyday life, to increase confidence to enter into spiritual conversations with others and to grow in being alongside others in a discerning way.

Over the course you will be exploring:

  • ways of fostering your listening skills 
  • how to become better attuned in conversations with others 
  • what characterises a ‘spiritual’ conversation
  • how you can help people sift their experience 
  • how you can help people in making decisions 
  • different contexts for Spiritual Conversation 
  • how you can create safe space for Spiritual Conversation 

The cost is £255 for the year or £85 per term.
Closing date for applications is Wednesday 31st August 2022

Contact St Bede’s for further information, an application form and to book your place: [email protected]