Faith in Action at All Saints Catholic High School

Continuing the story of our support for one refugee family…

The work of Home from Home Hallam presented a great opportunity for me, as Head Teacher here at All Saints, to talk to the school community about Faith in Action.  I wanted to raise awareness  of the current refugee crisis and its impact on one family in our city, and to encourage our school community to take action themselves, through fund raising activities. 

Groups of students devised a range of activities, from cake sales through to ‘Soak the teacher’ –  including the Head Teacher. I’m not sure whether I felt pleased or not at the fact that so many students were willing to throw ice cold sponges at me. One pupil even offered to pay £5 if they got to empty the contents of the ice-cold water buckets over me. You’re welcome!

Students’ fund-raising efforts were given a massive lift by one of our staff, Wayne Chadburn. A life-long Sheffield United supporter, he offered to wear a Sheffield Wednesday shirt for one day – a true sacrifice. Wayne’s pledge was promoted on Radio Sheffield and in The Sheffield Star. Through his JustGiving page he raised £1000, inspiring our students to rise to the challenge of matching this amount – a target they met.

Financial support (for interpreters) for this family was much needed; but my real delight is that the family’s story and situation resonated so strongly with young people (and our staff) that they wanted to actively play their part in helping those less fortunate than themselves.

My brothers and sisters, what good is it for people to say they have faith if their actions do not prove it? James 2:14