An epic trip to Flame 2023 

By a member of Hallam Youth

On the 4th of March, it was an early start for the flame participants – a 6:45 meeting and a cold and dark morning. Soon enough we were on the M1, with our blue scarves and lanyards, we looked spectacular. Eventually, we made it to Wembley arena and joined a group of 8,000 people who all accepted the invitation to come together and celebrate our beliefs. 

 We entered during the opening liturgy, when the beautiful singer Adenike, set the crowd into the mood to rise up which was the theme of the day. Followed by some powerful and motivating speakers such as Fr Dominic Howarth and Robert Billot, Archbishop Costelleo and music from GuvnaB. Pope Francis also joined in the celebration, by writing a letter to the people taking part in Flame. By this time, we needed our stomachs to be filled.  

Lunchtime brought some chances to involve yourself in some activities led by some amazing charities and organizations. The afternoon brought more sensational music from Faithchild and inspirational words from Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, who opened our minds to embrace our beliefs. Jenny Garzón Saavedra who is a part of Cafod in Colombia, came to Flame and shared her experience which inspired us all to take action.  

The day was brought to a close with the adoration, the blessed sacrament was on display and this was a time of peace and quiet for the people of flame to reflect on themselves. 

Before we knew it, we were back on the coach, chatting and reflecting on the great day we had being joined together in a community of God.