Their New Home

By Home from Home Hallam

We continue the story of our support for a refugee family… 

Our family had been living in a tent, in a refugee camp in Lebanon.  Basic needs for food and water would have been met, but with little education for any of their children, or help for  their disabled child, life must have been a daily struggle. 

You already know how pleased they were with their new home.  So how had we secured it for them?

Once our application for a family was accepted, we decided to look for a larger house.  South Yorkshire Housing Association were particularly helpful, offering us a 3-bedroomed house, with disabled access, in our favoured area.  We jumped at it. 

Despite decorators in the throes of a full refurbishment, our first visit showed that this house would be perfect for a family, although carpets would need to be replaced, the house furnished, and the garden tidied.  

Our first piece of luck was contacting local supplier Pyramid Carpets who donated and fitted carpets throughout.  

Next the furnishing.  It was astonishing how many individual items were needed – teaspoons, beds, curtains…but once we had asked our church communities, friends and families, items came flooding in; Shannon and her team at SVP Furniture Project could not have been more helpful.  We bought dolls, teddies, a football for the children, and a work team tidied the garden.

Team members examined the tenancy agreement and contacted suppliers for utilities.

The first part of our task – which had seemed overwhelming – was  now complete.  Blessed to be a part of God’s work for our fellow human beings, we also felt moved by the generosity of donors.