The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Year C, 14th August 2022

‘The Almighty has done great things for me. Holy is his name.’

The scripture for this Marian feast day reveals how the coming of Christ into our world through the poverty of Mary can change our lives. The radical message of the Gospel and the promise of resurrection can transform our own understanding of power and authority.

The First Reading portrays a vivid dream full of symbolism. It emphasises the turmoil and struggle for power surrounding the early church at the time. Although the language may seem strange to our generation, the themes of fragile beginnings, of power struggles rooted in evil motives, and of the overcoming of fear and sin through Christ, all hold an important message of hope for us today.

The Second Reading speaks of the sovereignty of Christ, who calls all people to the fullness of resurrection. Christ’s kingdom is not based on selfish human notions of power and authority.

Today’s Psalm is full of the imagery of royalty and power in praise of God’s kingdom. However, the true nature of that kingdom is shown to us in the beautiful Gospel passage. A joyful meeting between two humble women, Mary and Elizabeth, is a revelation of the Gospel message. A new order of justice and mercy for all time will be proclaimed. The powerful will be brought low and the humble exalted.

Let us take responsibility for proclaiming and living out this Gospel message today. We pray for that true peace that only Christ can bring, remembering especially the people of Ukraine and all places where people are suffering.