Second Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A, 15th January 2023

‘Yes, I have seen, and I am the witness that he is the Chosen One of God!’

With today’s Gospel from St John, Christmastide flows almost seamlessly into Ordinary Time. Christmas ends with the ‘revelation’ of the Son of God, and Ordinary Time begins with the Baptist recognising Jesus as the Lamb of God.  

If we, also, recognise Jesus as the Chosen One of God, what does that mean? What does it ask of us? 

A way forward can be readily found in the three other texts of today’s liturgy: doing God’s will and delighting in God’s law in the depth of our heart (Psalm); taking our place among all the saints, the holy people of Jesus Christ (Second Reading); and being a light for the nations so that God’s salvation may reach all people (First Reading).

Let us pray, this week, that by ‘seeing’ God, both at work in the world and present to us in our lives, we might bear witness to the Chosen One by the daily choices we make.