School of Prayer With the Jesuits in Britain spirituality team

Sunflower on an open book

This event which is an ideal introduction to Ignatian prayer led by our team, takes place over Zoom. The day will involve being guided in prayer, individual time for prayer, sharing in small groups. After the day you will be given further suggestions to continue your prayer journey.

There are many exercises for improving our physical health and wellbeing. Ignatius of Loyola wrote what he called the Spiritual Exercises, a variety of ways of praying to develop our spiritual health and wellbeing, our relationship with God and the world. Just like physical exercise, if we talk about it but don’t actually engage in any exercise, this will not be very fruitful! So, with this online day we introduce exercises that you may find it useful to practise – and the more you practise, the more benefits you will feel.

‍Dates:  Tuesday 13th December 2022 or Thursday 19th January 2023
Times: 10am-4pm on Zoom, including breaks for time off screen.

‍Suggested Donation: £50-£100.

We would not want money to be a barrier to people discovering prayer so please give what you can afford, but your donation will help us continue our work of making Ignatian spirituality available to as many people as possible.

To donate go to and choose ‘School of Prayer’ in the Designation field.