Pax Christi – Peace Sunday 2023

Theme of Pope Francis’ World Peace Day:

 “No one can be saved alone. Combatting Covid-19 together, embarking together on paths of peace.”

Once again Pax Christi, the international Catholic movement for peace, has produced a variety of on-line and paper resources to celebrate the theme.  While there are some limits as to how we come together, we have materials for parishes, communities and families – allowing for as much creativity as possible, this is not limited to one day or place! 

In his message to parishes our National President, Archbishop Malcolm McMahon says: 

2022 has been a year of war and rumours of war. Lives lost, people displaced, fear and suspicion overwhelming many communities around the world. These wars are also contributing to the destruction of our environment. Sometimes it feels as though we have moved backwards in our efforts to bring peace and justice to our world.

However, the constant, faithful voice of Pope Francis urges us to keep going. Whether he is speaking about Ukraine and Russia, Yemen or the Middle East, his message is always the same: No to war and no to the trade in weapons that fuel war. His All Saints Angelus message offers these questions: ‘Brothers and sisters, let us look within and ask ourselves: are we peacemakers? In the places where we live, study and work, do we bring tension, words that hurt, chatter that poisons, controversy that divides? Or do we open up the way to peace?’

I invite you to seriously consider facilitating a collection for, or making a donation to, the work of Pax Christi at this time as a way to make a practical contribution to continuing the work of peace

 All Pax Christi resources can be found here:

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Many thanks and best wishes for Christmas and the year ahead.

Pax Christi Team