Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C, 7th August 2022

Jesus said, ‘For where your treasure is, there will be your heart also’. 

Today’s readings remind us that God has chosen us all as his own. They also highlight the importance of our humble faith and trust in God, who calls us to ‘joyfully take courage’ in the world.

The First Reading recalls the night of the Passover, when the Jewish slaves put their trust in God and escaped the oppression of Pharaoh.

In the Gospel, Jesus teaches that while the Kingdom of God has, in one sense, already arrived, in another it is still to come: it is both a gift and a challenge to us. It is therefore vital that we are awake to meet the Master whenever he returns, committing our hearts to the unfailing treasures of his kingdom.

The Second Reading meditates on the history of Israel, inviting us to imitate people like Abraham and Sarah as models of faith. Faith is the virtue that enables us to keep watching and waiting for the Lord’s presence in the ups and downs of our daily lives.

The Psalmist celebrates all peoples: women and men who are chosen by the Lord, and in turn, place their trust and hope in him.

Perhaps this week we might take our prayer from today’s theme:
Father, please deepen our trust in you,
so we may live joyfully and with courage.

We also continue to pray for peace across the world.