Introduction to Safeguarding Training for Covid19 Stewards

This video has been created as a useful resource for those who require Basic Safeguarding Training within your role as a Steward during the reopening of churches, during the Covid 19 Pandemic.  This is not designed as mandatory Safeguarding Training for roles where Safeguarding is more in depth in your role.

This Safeguarding training video should be used collaboratively with documentation that has been provided within your Parish regarding the Health and Safety Measures and the Role Expectations. Please refer to the uploaded document Covid-19 Volunteer Stewards Briefing Sheet. For any further information regarding Health and Safety specifics, please contact Tom Garrud, Property Manager by email to  [email protected].

The Key Safeguarding Message, whilst sharing some insight into safeguarding practice and matters through this video, is to ensure that you know where to Report a Concern and that you are aware of the Caring Services Counselling and can signpost to the Safeguarding and Counselling Services should the small chance of a concern arise.


SLIDES – Introduction to Safeguarding for Covid 19 Stewards

FEEDBACK FORM – Training evaluation form

COVID 19 volunteer stewards briefing sheet