Following Saint Francis of Assisi in Our Modern World

Perhaps the most popular of Saints is Francis of Assisi. Known worldwide for his love of creation and God’ creatures, he is admired by Christians and non-Christians.

This remarkable man achieved so much in adult life; dying as He did at the age of 44, but there is so much more to Francis than his love of animals and creation.

The son of rich merchant, and in his youth a ‘bit of a lad!” he had a conversion experience at the age of 25 to 26 of age, when Our Lord spoke to him, saying “ Francis repair my Church, which as you can see is falling into ruin.”

Francis naturally thought the Blessed Lord was talking about the physical building in which Francis heard the message. He set out about rebuilding that church. The Catholic Church at that time was falling into disrepute and Our Lord was really referring to the declining state of His Church.

Initially having an experience where he set aside his former life and taking on the life of the way of the Lord, Francis began to live a life influenced by the Holy Gospel. He had no intention of forming a new Order, but what transpired was many hundreds and, in due  course, thousands followed him in this new calling.

Married man and women, some of them in business came to him and said, “ We would love to follow you but we have family and work commitments. Francis then formed what was subsequently called the Third Order and enabled these people to follow the way Francis lived, but in the community.

Today that Third Order, renamed the Secular Franciscan Order, is the largest lay order in the world and 600.000 Catholics are members. Their aims are to make our Lord known everywhere; to spread the spirit of love and harmony, to live simply and go from Gospel to Life and Life to Gospel.

We are today inviting you to join  us at our gatherings (Fraternities) where you will receive a warm loving welcome. In our area we have 4 fraternities- Clay Cross, Belper, Nottingham and a new emerging fraternity in the Peak District close to Sheffield and Chesterfield.

We hope you will wish to join us or know more,  please contact our Midland formation Minister, Terry Mortimer on 07434574606 or [email protected]