Catholics joining Christians from across Sheffield in a citywide month of prayer and mission

Catholics from several parishes – including St Marie’s, St Vincent’s, Sacred Heart, Mother of God, St Thomas’ and the MissionHub – are joining over a thousand Sheffield Christians in a month of prayer and mission this March 2023. Now in its third year, Arise Sheffield invites all believers to spend the month of March covering their local streets in prayer, and discovering prayer needs in their areas. 

One parishioner, from St Vincent’s in Crookes, said, “Arise is an inspirational project. I believe it has the blessing of God on it and it will have a great impact on our City.”

Some Catholics discovered Arise after the start of the synodal journey last year, in which there were questions for reflection about relationships with other local churches. 

“Being part of Arise has made me feel more connected with the wider Christian community in Sheffield. As Catholics it sometimes seems like we’re a bit detached from our brothers and sisters in other denominations, but with Arise it’s been wonderful to be reminded of how much we have in common,” said another parishioner, from St Thomas’.

In addition to the month of prayer-walking in March, Arise supports local churches to connect with their local areas during the major Christian feasts, subsidizing evangelistic Easter and Advent gifts, as well as running the Arise:Hallow campaign over All Saints and All Souls, as a positive alternative to Halloween decorations and costumes. Arise also encourages and inspires believers to live their faith more deeply through the Arise! magazine. 

To find out more about Arise and how the movement could help you as you journey deeper in prayer and mission this year, visit and register for updates.