A saint for Our Age- Blessed Carlo Acutis to be canonised

It is unusual to hear news of Saints on BBC Radio 4, so the coincidence of encountering the relic of Blessed Carlo Acutis at St Gerard’s, Rotherham, who have custody of it, and then hearing on the national news that Pope Francis has formally recognised a miracle attributed to the intercession of of Blessed Carlo was a pleasant surprise. The cause for his canonisation can be seen at carloacutis.com, which tells something of his story.
Carlo Acutis was born in 1991 in London to Italian parents. The family moved back to Italy. “To always be close to Jesus, that’s my life plan” he wrote when he was 7.
At high school he began to design websites and develop computer skills, which he used to evangelise, for example,  creating an online database of Eucharistic miracles across the world. He was referred to on the BBC as ‘God’s influencer’ and his young age means that young people may find something in his story that they can relate to. He also did works of charity, volunteered at the soup kitchen, helped others. He was also interested in ordinary teenage things like football and played saxophone. His attended to his spiritual life,  praying the rosary every day, and reverencing the Eucharist, which he said was the ‘highway to heaven’.

He died of leukaemia on  12  October 2006 and is buried at Assisi. The cause for his canonisation is documented and two miracles now formally recognised means he is eligible for sainthood. For something to be deemed a miracle, it requires an act seen to be beyond what is possible in nature, such as a healing. There is a shrine to him in Cardin Grotto in Motherwell and a relic here in our own diocese of Hallam, which can be brought to other parishes by arrangement.

My mother always said the new saints were good ones to turn to for intercession as they were likely not to be so busy. Blessed Carlo Acutis, pray for us. FFrances

Prayer for the Canonisation of Blessed Carlo Acutis

Oh God, Our Father,
thank you for giving us Carlo, 
a life example for the young
and a message of love for everyone. You made him become enamoured with 
Your Son Jesus, Making of the Eucharist 
his “Highway to Heaven”.
You gave him Mary, as a most loving Mother, 
and, with the Rosary, you made him 
a poet of her tenderness. Receive his prayer for us.
Above all, gaze upon the poor, 
whom he loved and helped.
Grant for me too, by his intercession, 
the grace that I need …
And make our joy fulfilled,
placing Carlo among the Saints 
of your Church, so that his smile 
may shine again for us in the glory of your name.
“Our Father”,“Hail Mary”, “Glory be to God”