Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A, 8th October 2023

‘The Vineyard of the Lord is the House of Israel’

The image of the people of God as a vineyard is familiar in the Scriptures. We can rejoice in seeing the Church as the vineyard of the Lord, but we also need to respond to God’s gifts and use them well.

In Isaiah’s ‘Song of the Vineyard’, God has made the people of Israel his vineyard (First Reading). He lovingly cares for it, but sadly the people fail to respond.

The Psalm picks up the same theme. It is an appeal to God to turn again and visit the vine he has planted.

The vineyard appears in the Gospel too, but here the tenants are reproached. Not only are they not profitable, but they murder the owner’s son.

St Paul writes that the peace of God is ours if we can only trust in him (Second Reading). We are to pursue all that is good and pure, and produce the fruit worthy of the Lord.

This week, may we be full of thanksgiving for all that we have received, and always turn to the Lord in prayer.