The Ascension of the Lord, Year B, 12th May 2024 (USA)

‘Go out to the whole world!’

I come to pray the texts for the feast of the Ascension and ask the Lord for a deeper understanding of this mystery of Christ. Throughout the Eastertide readings, we have watched the disciples grow and mature in faith – I wish to do the same.

The First Reading from the Acts of the Apostles marks the end of Jesus’s earthly ministry as he returns to the Father and promises to send the Holy Spirit.

The Psalm is a joyful prayer of praise and an acclamation of Christ’s victory. He is Lord of all people, of the universe.

St Paul describes the meaning of the Ascension – the Father has raised Jesus above all powers and made him Lord of creation. The gifts of the Spirit are given for the good of all, to lead us to full maturity in Christ. (Second Reading)

In the Gospel, Jesus ascends to heaven and continues to work with his disciples as they preach the Good News. The signs he works confirm their message.

This week, we might want to pray for the opportunity to proclaim the Good News to as many people as possible.