St Vincent’s Furniture Store Sheffield – 36 Years and Counting

For many years, the SVP often encountered individuals and families who needed essential household items such as beds etc. In parallel, the SVP was often offered household items. Unfortunately there was nowhere to house the donated items if there wasn’t an immediate need.

Then, nearly 40 years ago, a number of SVP members in Hallam had an idea ………

The Furniture Store was established in 1987 when SVP members came up with the idea of setting up a Furniture Store and Community Shop. This meant that donated goods could be stored and passed on to those in need, while some items could be sold in the Community Shop to raise funds to assist the Furniture Store.

Activity continued (and grew) from there until 2010 when the Furniture Store moved into new premises on Queens Road.

The Work of the Furniture Store

St. Vincent’s Furniture Store works with over 150 referral agencies throughout Sheffield, including the City Council, in addition to many charities. Those helped by the Furniture Store include the homeless, victims of abuse or domestic violence, people coming out of drug rehabilitation, ex-offenders with nowhere to go and people coming out of hospital who find themselves without accommodation. In addition we help asylum seekers and refugees and families in dire financial need. We also help single parent families, pregnant teenagers, the elderly and infirm, disabled people and people who are seeking help because their properties have been burgled, vandalised or fire damaged.

During the last year we have helped over 2,000 disadvantaged people including approximately 1,000 children. We supplied more than 7,000 items of furniture, particularly beds and bedding, cookers, tables and chairs, carpets, curtains and many more items including crockery and cutlery. We collect donated goods which include small electrical items such as toasters, kettles and microwaves. These electrical items are tested before being either given to our clients or sent for resale to the Community Shop on Abbeydale Road.

We are proud of the fact that we are the only organisation within the City of Sheffield that still gives items of furniture to people free of charge. In addition to the goods supplied to those in need, the Furniture Store provides a further service by saving items from going to landfill – 350 tonnes last year.

The Future

We aim to continue and build on the work of the last 36 years, reaching out to those in need – those that Pope Francis has referred to as suffering and being victims of the “globalisation of indifference”. However we need your support.

  • We urgently need beds, furniture and household equipment such as crockery, and bedding that is clean and in reasonable condition.
  • In the longer term might you be able to help us by volunteering which ranges from helping with administrative tasks in the office, to working in our depot, or collecting and delivering household items on one of our vans. Many volunteers give one day a week which helps enormously.
  • You may be able to help with a regular standing order donation – every financial donation helps. You can donate by text (text the word SVPSheff to 70025 to donate £5 – the donor will then receive another text automatically asking about Gift Aid). Alternatively use the QR code or request a Standing Order donation form from the Furniture Store.

Please remember the work of the Furniture Store in your prayers. You can make all the difference. Can you help? Reach us on 0114 270 3990 and  Thank you!

Kevin McCready            Sheffield Furniture Store