Seventh Sunday of Easter, Year A, 21st May 2023

‘Father … I have given them the teachings you gave me’

As this joyous season of Easter draws to a close, we are reminded that eternal life is to know the Father and Christ, and the intimate relationship they share. The glory belonging to Jesus and to the Father will be offered to all who believe.

The First Reading follows on immediately from the Ascension. Mary, the disciples, and Jesus’s extended family gather in the upper room, praying continuously as they await the coming of the Holy Spirit.

The Gospel also takes us to a special upper room (perhaps the same one) where the Last Supper was shared. Here, Jesus prays that the disciples will be consecrated in the truth. Jesus has given them the teaching the Father gave to him, and his task now is to make known the name of the Father. Jesus prays for the gift of eternal life: to know the Father as the one true God, and the Son as the one who has been sent. 

The Psalm exudes trust and confidence in the God of the living. It invites us to seek the Lord’s face. 

In the Second Reading, Peter encourages the community as they endure challenges and hard times. He assures them of a special blessing if they live the values of Christ.

This week, we ask God to help us to be people of continuous prayer, and for a deepening trust in his loving care. We pray for peace for all those with troubled hearts, and for all places where there is war and violence.