Safeguarding News

Hello from the Safeguarding Team.  May we firstly take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year.

Bishop’s Pastoral Letter for Safeguarding

Hopefully you will have heard Bishop’s pastoral letter for safeguarding on 21 January, in which he provided an update on the continued work we are doing in the Diocese to keep everybody safe, and to ensure our Church Communities are spaces where all feel welcome and cared for.

The ongoing work of the safeguarding team will be guided by the national safeguarding standards, and the recommendations made during the recent audit. An update on the outcome of the audit will be provided in due course. 

Save the Date

The Annual Day of Prayer for Survivors of Abuse will take place on Tuesday 30 April 2024.

This day is an important event in our diocesan calendar to open our hearts to survivors.  The service is open to all (not just survivors), and we hope you will consider attending when the service information is published.

The Annual Safeguarding Event will take place on Saturday 6 July 2024. This is a themed event and will include key speakers from partner agencies who will talk about relevant safeguarding topics.  The event also provides the additional opportunity for you to meet with parish volunteers and wider safeguarding team and leaders.

Policy updates on the Diocesan website

The following policies have recently been reviewed and can be found on to the Diocesan website:

Commitment to Survivors Policy –

Communication and Engagement Plan –

CSSA National Learning Portal – Online Training

The Catholic Church has developed its own learning portal offering Level 2 national safeguarding training for parishioners and volunteers. 

You can access the portal by typing the following link into your web browser: The safeguarding office can be contacted on 0114 2566453 or via email: [email protected]