Ring for the King at St Marie’s Cathedral

Bell ringers from the Cathedral Church of St Marie are appealing for more Catholics to learn to ring.

The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers has launched a bid to train more ringers in time for them to “Ring for the King” on the day of King Charles III’s coronation, Saturday May 6 2023 – and St Marie’s ringers are joining the recruitment campaign..

Although there are about 6,000 churches across the British Isles, with a total of nearly 38,000 bells, there are only 30,000 bell ringers – many of whom ring at more than one tower.

St Marie’s Tower Captain, Bob Rae, said: “St Marie’s is one of only a handful of Catholic churches with a ring of bells and for almost 60 years we didn’t have our own band of ringers.

“We launched a recruitment drive which attracted a number of people, but we currently have fewer ringers from Hallam Diocese than there are bells in the tower.

“If we are to ring our bells in celebration of the coronation, we need to recruit more ringers from the diocese now so that they can be ready to ring next May.

“Bell ringing is a great way to make new friends, take gentle physical and mental exercise and connect with the community. It’s all about technique, you don’t have to be strong or musical, come to that.”

If you are interested in finding out what would be involved in learning to ring at St Marie’s in time to Ring for the King,
contact Bob Rae: Tel: 07710116701 E-mail: [email protected].