Putting our faith into action through the Big Lent Walk for CAFOD

By Angela Powell and Tony Strike

Deacon Tony Strike

Lent enables us to pause our usual ways and through prayer, fasting and charity to reflect on how we can better serve Christ through what we say and do. In the face of traumatic world events the love shown from the Cross reminds us that hope reigns over despair. Together as Christian communities we can and do act together.

CAFOD exists to enable compassion over adversity, to bring about a fairer world and more dignified lives for everyone.  We are thankful to the communities who are acting in solidarity with others. Pictured here is Deacon Tony Strike from Sacred Heart parish, Hillsborough, in Hallam, putting faith into action by joining the Big Lent Walk to raise funds for CAFOD. He is joined by a team of fellow parishioners who are supporting one another on the Lenten journey.

On the second Sunday in Lent we heard about the disciples climbing a mountain with Jesus. When they make it to the top, they don’t want to leave. The image of “ascending the mountain” is an image of the human quest for God; the mountain top is a place where we see a vision of Christ transfigured. This Lent, we are each called to renew our own quest to better serve Christ, the Word of God, to make an extra effort, to “ascend” a spiritual mountain. It’s through this experience meeting the Word anew that we become the face of Christ in our world today. In faith, we can play our part, enabling everyone to recognise the face of Christ in our sisters and brothers as we reach out in solidarity to all.

Here are the people and teams in Hallam doing the CAFOD Big Lent Walk to help fight global poverty

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