‘I was in prison and you visited me’


Pact, the Prison Advice and Care Trust, supports prisoners and their families at four of the prisons in the Hallam diocese (and in more than 60 prisons across England & Wales).

We are looking for people who can give a little time to support families visiting their loved ones in HMP Lindholme and HMP Moorland. We have obtained some small pots of funding to decorate the Visit Centres in these two locations so the spaces are attractive. What we need now is a few good people to provide a welcome when children and families arrive – it can understandably be very difficult to visit a family member in prison. Volunteers can also get involved in special Pact Family Visit Days inside. The last one involved the children decorating a t-shirt for their dad. The dads then went on a catwalk to showcase their children’s designs!

As well as chatting to families, volunteers can be part of shaping the future of Pact’s service by helping with consulting families and holding Family Forums. We take subsidiarity seriously at Pact.

Chloe, our Deputy Head of Service & Development in the region, says, ‘Volunteers will receive full training as well as continuous support on the ground. We have a large supportive team who meet regularly for team meetings and social events. Volunteers play a crucial role in South Yorkshire. Their contribution is invaluable and has a significant impact on families, children and communities. Volunteers often step in to address unmet needs within services and can provide vital support to vulnerable families. With their dedication and passion volunteers help increase the quality and quantity of services provided. They also bring unique skills, experiences and perspectives that enrich the services offered and create a more inclusive and diverse environment’.

Volunteers to support Pact’s work at HMP Ranby would also be really wonderful.

To find out more, contact Theresa, Pact’s Catholic Community Engagement Manager [email protected]