I am MARK in Hallam Diocese

The Diocese of Hallam is delighted to be hosting Stefan Smart for a performance of I AM MARK at St Marie’s Cathedral this October.

Across the diocese, one of synod conversations was asking for opportunities to learn more about Scripture. In response, you are now being invited to a performance of the whole gospel of Mark in one evening. We are used to hearing stories and extracts from the Gospels at Mass; as you probably know, since the reforms of Vatican ll, the lectionary is organized into three-year cycles of readings, AB, or C, beginning on the first Sunday of Advent

(The Gospel of John is read throughout Easter, and other liturgical seasons)

The performance of “I, Mark”, at St Marie’s Cathedral on 8 October at 7pm, gives you the opportunity to gather to listen to nearly the whole Gospel,  all in one evening. What will it be like to be open to hearing this, the oldest Gospel, in this setting, in this way? It will be a different way of experiencing the Word of God, and there will be opportunity afterwards to ask questions, and share your response to the experience.

All are welcome!

Mark’s Gospel, first published some 40 years after the events it describes, is seen by many to be the most authentic portrait we have of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Yet it was not supposed to be read silently, and in isolated passages, as it is so often today. Instead it was meant to be heard out loud and enjoyed in one sitting.

In this dynamic new, word-for-word, solo performance, Stefan Smart recreates for a modern audience the way in which the story was originally narrated – as a full bodied drama, with its many characters and nuances brought startlingly to life.


*There is no charge but there will be opportunity to contribute towards the cost of the event with voluntary donations.

Date and time

Saturday 8th, October 2022

Learn more about I am MARK and Stefan at https://iam-mark.com/

“Respect! Stefan’s performance is very strong.”

BBC Songs of Praise

“Completely captivating… mesmerising.”

Steve Broadway, Author and Illustrator