Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A, 16th July 2023


The word of God is proclaimed throughout the whole of creation. All of the readings in the liturgy this Sunday are filled with images drawn from nature.

The word is like rain refreshing the earth, bringing goodness and growth wherever it falls. (First Reading)

The Psalm is a prayerful song of thanks after a time of drought. It reminds us of the bountiful love that pours out from the Lord, filling us with joy and good things.

Paul (Second Reading) writes of a deep longing within us – and within the whole of creation for the fulfilment of God’s promise. The word of God will give us the freedom we long for. 

Jesus shares the parable of the sower casting seeds upon the land to teach us to cherish the word of God. The parable reminds us of the many things that can distract and prevent us from fulfilling all that we are called to be. When we learn to truly listen, the word of God is an abundant source of growth. It provides rich fruit for the benefit of all.

In this coming week, we might want to look around us and notice the different ways in which creation speaks to us of the love of God. Let us pray for the courage and grace to sow, nurture, grow and harvest the Word of God wherever we may be.