Double your love for Mary’s Meals this winter! 

As Advent fast approaches, we wanted to ask whether you would please consider focusing some of your Advent giving this year on supporting Mary’s Meals. We are currently feeding 2.4 million children with a daily meal in their place of education. This is especially vital now in these challenging times of conflict, food insecurity and cost of living crisis – which we know is affecting people here in the UK as well as in the countries where Mary’s Meals works, such as Syria, Haiti and South Sudan.    

Mary’s Meals can provide small, cardboard collection boxes that families could take home to put their loose coins in during the coming weeks and then could return to the parish / school at Christmas. With a meal only costing 10p and the cost of feeding a child for a whole year being just £19.15, small change can make a big impact and with our Double the Love campaign now running until 22nd January donations will be doubled meaning £19.15 will feed two children for a whole school year.      

If you would like any of these boxes sent to your parish / school, please contact – [email protected]     

If you would like a talk in your parish / school at any time, please do not hesitate to get in touch. It is appreciated that commitments may have already been made for this Advent but Mary’s Meals would be grateful if you could consider supporting their work during 2024. Food changes the story for these children and allows them to break the cycle of poverty and help themselves and their communities.