Christmas 2023 with St Beuno’s Outreach

Praying Christmastide with Pope Francis

The period around Christmas can sometimes be frantic, allowing little space to meditate on the mystery of the Incarnation: God’s love coming to us in the person of Jesus. But whether we are busy or not, we can still pause awhile to marvel anew at the miracle of this small baby born into obscurity and poverty. This year, St Beuno’s Outreach invites you to pray with a blend of familiar scripture passages and related reflections by Pope Francis. Please use them in whatever way works best for you. On some days, a single phrase or image may be enough; on others, you may have time for a more leisurely celebration of the joy and hope brought about by this holy birth.

Our images this year come mostly from the Holy Land and Ukraine, with special thanks to the Palestinian artist Sliman Mansour (b. 1947), and the young iconographers of the Iconart Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine. Their work has been chosen to help us pray for peace in all parts of the world where people are broken and suffering this Christmastide.