Catholic Union responds to Autumn Statement

The Catholic Union has responded to the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement.

Nigel Parker, Director of the Catholic Union, comments: “The Chancellor has painted a bleak picture in his Autumn Statement with the economy in recession and high inflation expected well into next year. It is when times are tough that we need a greater focus on supporting the most vulnerable in society.

“The increase in the National Living Wage, cost of living payments to vulnerable households and decision to raise benefits in line with inflation are all welcome. However, it is far from clear that the Government grasps the scale of the challenge facing people. The complete lack of reference to the homeless or refugees is deeply concerning.

“At a time when so many families are struggling, it is disappointing that yet another Chancellor has missed the opportunity to make the tax system fairer for families. With marriage predicted to fall significantly, we urgently need a plan from the Government to support family life.

“While times are tough at home, we know they are even tougher for many people abroad. Sadly today’s statement makes restoring the international development budget to 0.7% of GDP seem like a distant prospect.

“The Catholic Union will redouble our efforts to give a voice to the Church’s teaching in the public sphere and contribute to building the common good at this difficult time.”