Called to Serve

The Permanent Deacons of the Diocese gathered at the Pastoral Centre with Bishop Ralph and Fr Michael Umameh, the newly appointed Director of Deacons. Our Deacons shared in fraternity the joy of their ministry as differently expressed in the parishes in which they serve, sharing their experiences and encouraging each other.

From bereavement ministry, helping asylum seekers, reaching out to the housebound, supporting carers, working as part of the SVP, and providing a food bank for those in need, the common thread was looking for those in need or on the margins of our faith communities and bringing them the love and light of the Gospel. All dedicated to the same purpose – building up the Body of Christ.

The community was also updated on the four men presently in formation for Diaconal ministry and the programme they are following. Our Lord was servant of all. In the ministry of charity, Deacons conform themselves in the likeness of Christ the Servant, whom they represent. Let us ask our loving and generous Father to bless our Diocese of Hallam, by raising up faith filled and dedicated Priests, Deacons and Religious. We pray for all those who are called to serve. Rev Tony Strike.