Called & Gifted Charism process

‘Called and Gifted’ has helped more than 2000 people in England & Wales discern & recognize their own unique charisms & how to apply them. (Est 2014 in Portsmouth diocese]

Charisms, as defined in this context, are Gifts of the Holy Spirit through which God collaborates with His people to bless the world…. And the world needs blessing! There are at least 23 charisms defined and grouped by what they do: Organisational /Communication/ Healing/ Pastoring / Creative / Understanding/ & Lifestyle Charisms. They differ from talents & experience (which are often loosely referred to as ‘gifts’) because they are supernaturally effective! Some people have charisms in one or two groupings & some a mix across several groupings. They bring joy & help us to understand both God, ourselves & others in delightful new & surprising ways! They are like power-tools to help us on mission to bring God’s transforming Love into our homes, work places & communities.

Discover why you see the world through a unique lens & know your unique purpose & gifting through each season of life. Let God Surprise you!

There are two ways of being accompanied through the Called & Gifted Charism Discernment process … one can be accessed year-round, online; the other is through the Live Teaching days; By special arrangement, we have a Live Teaching day in Sheffield, Saturday 11 May 2024 at St Vncents Mission Hub.

If you would like to know more, then do visit our website and email: [email protected]  or correspond with Deputy Leader, Anne-Marie Fletcher, located in Hallam Diocese: [email protected]

Anne-Marie Fletcher