UK Churches’ Relay to COP26

Young Christian Climate Network reaches Sheffield on Sunday 5th September

On Sunday 5th September, the Young Christian Climate Network (YCCN) relay to COP26 reaches Sheffield, having begun on 11 June all the way down in St Ives.

To find out more about the YCCN, click here, and to see more about the relay; why they are walking; what they are asking of the UK government; and how you can support them; click here.

Below is the proposed timetable for welcoming the young pilgrims to Sheffield on Sunday 5th September (timings approximate):

  • The walkers are expected to arrive at St. Mary’s Bramall Lane around 4.30pm, having walked from Chesterfield via Dronfield. They will be greeted by Bishop Ralph along with Bishop Pete Wilcox of Sheffield Anglican Diocese. St. Mary’s will provide the young people with drinks and toilet facilities so there will be a short rest there.
  • People wishing to be there to greet them at St. Mary’s are asked to get there around 4pm.
  • After the pause at St. Mary’s, the walk will continue up the Moor to the Anglican Cathedral for 5pm, where Bishop Ralph and Bishop Pete Wilcox will be invited to speak.
  • Alternatively, there will be a Climate Sunday service live-streamed in the Cathedral at 4pm for those who wish to attend and wait for the walkers there. It will have ended by 5pm.
  • At the Cathedral there will be other activities taking place, planned by Cathedral staff. The event will end with Taizé singing (around 6 – 6.30pm).
  • Faith leaders and politicians will be invited to St. Mary’s and/or the Cathedral. It is not to be a platform for politicians, however. This is the young people’s witness, and an opportunity for faith communities to show their strength of feeling about our destructive treatment of our common home and the injustices attending it.

On Monday 6th September, the walk will set off from the city centre to Bamford – the suggested route passing through parts of Endcliffe, Fulwood and on over Lodge Moor. If you live near this part of the route and would like to acknowledge them or accompany them on their way a short while, please do get in touch with Columba for more details: [email protected]

Anyone can go on the website to check out the overall plan. The network is also using an app called ‘Slack’ which allows for more detailed communication between people wanting to volunteer support in specific areas.

Please do come and greet the young pilgrims if you can, or keep up to date with their progress!