Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C, 25th September 2022

It is the Lord who keeps faith for ever

Our faith in the Lord calls us to act with justice and integrity at all times. The readings this Sunday present a stark call to wake up from complacency and comfort, so that we may focus our lives on the Lord and respond with compassion and love to the needs of the poor.

The prophet Amos (First Reading) warns all those who revel in fine living and the safety of material things. Theirs is a false sense of security, and they have no care for those less fortunate than them.

In contrast, the Psalm sings of the faithfulness and justice of the Lord, who feeds the hungry, sets prisoners free, heals the wounded and comforts those who mourn.

In the Second Reading we are reminded to centre our lives on Christ, and in so doing be filled with faith, love, patience and gentleness.

The Gospel parable echoes the warnings of the prophet Amos, and here the powerful teaching of Jesus tackles head on the perennial challenge of wealth and poverty. The wisdom of the prophets speaks of an eternal truth that Jesus embodied in his Gospel values, actions and teaching. Jesus also speaks as a prophet: for some, the truth of his Gospel and Resurrection will not be enough for them to let go of their reliance on material wealth and security.

This week, let us pray for each other that we will have the grace and strength to remain centred on Christ. May our prayer life lead us to respond with compassionate action to the needs of our less fortunate sisters and brothers across the world.