Second Sunday of Easter, Year A, 16th April 2023

‘As the Father sent me, so I am sending you’

Today, with Thomas, we hail Christ as our Lord and God. We, too, ask to be filled with the joy and peace of the disciples in seeing the risen Lord.

The First Reading tells how effectively the lives of the first Christians are encouraged and transformed by their Spirit-filled faith. Their devout, generous sense of community is an inspiration to all who meet them.

Today’s Psalm is considered ‘the’ Easter psalm above all others. All Christians are invited to gives thanks and praise to the Lord.

Peter, who was an eye-witness to the events of Easter (Second Reading), praises and encourages the faith of the new converts, even though they have never seen Jesus. Although they are persecuted and plagued by trials because of their new-found faith in Christ, they still love him deeply and are filled with a glorious joy.

The Gospel recounts the events of the first Sunday after Easter Day. Thomas is absent when the risen Lord appears to the other frightened disciples, offering them the resurrection gift of the Spirit of peace. But a week later, Jesus seeks out the doubting Thomas personally: an encounter that enables Thomas to proclaim Jesus as ‘My Lord and my God!’.

This week, we pray for a deepening personal relationship with the risen Lord that can change our lives … and for an openness that inspires us to take our active, living faith into our suffering world.