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Welcome to the Safeguarding Department

Safeguarding is the protection of children and vulnerable adults, who are suffering or at risk of suffering significant harm, ill treatment, the impairment of health or development, abuse or neglect. It involves proactively creating cultures of safeguarding to prevent abuse occurring in the first place and reacting to those who have been hurt by abuse to reduce any future harm.

Mission Statement
The Catholic Church of England and Wales, the Bishops and Congregational Leaders are committed to safeguarding as an integral part of the life and ministry of the Church. We affirm the One Church approach to safeguarding children, young people and adults who may be vulnerable through the promotion of a sustained and sustainable culture of constant vigilance. The Church recognises the personal dignity and rights of all Vulnerable People towards whom it has a special responsibility. The Church and individual members of it undertake to take all the appropriate steps to maintain a safe environment for all and to practice fully and positively Christ’s Ministry towards children, young people and adults who may be vulnerable, and to respond sensitively and compassionately to their needs in order to help keep them safe from harm. The Church authorities will liaise closely with statutory agencies to ensure that any allegations of abuse are promptly and properly investigated and where appropriate, survivors supported and perpetrators held to account. The Church wishes to ensure that its parishes and Religious Congregations have the confidence to enable children, young people and vulnerable adults to have peace of mind, knowing they will be cared for and loved by their Christian community.

Why is Safeguarding so important to the Church?

The wider concept of safeguarding is “nurturing wellbeing as well as protecting the young and the vulnerable from harm and abuse.”


• is essential to the Church’s fulfillment of its calling and mission given by Christ

• is implicit in what Jesus intended when he said ’feed my lambs, feed my sheep’

• is essential if we are to introduce people effectively to a relationship with God

• is a sign of the Kingdom – Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation

Safeguarding is an exercise of charity and justice:

• helps the Church to stay one, holy, Catholic and Apostolic

• reflects the loving nature of God

• is an essential context for people to receive the sacraments and grow in discipleship

• is part of becoming a Church that people will want to join!”

Canon Kieron O’Brien – CSAS ‘SAFEGUARDING AS MINISTRY’ event, Oscott, April 2011

Safeguarding Policy Statement

Hallam Diocese recognises that safeguarding needs to be at the heart of our activities in order to provide a welcoming, safe and supportive environment for all. We wish for people to be able practice their faith and take part in the many activities the church has to offer with confidence, so that they may spiritually flourish.  As part of a caring Christian community, the welfare and protection of our children, young people and adults should be everyone’s responsibility. We wish to actively promote safeguarding, creating a culture which places a strong emphasis on the protection of people from all forms of harm or abuse regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex, or sexual orientation.

To achieve this Hallam Diocese aims to ensure safe working practices and procedures are adhered to, including the following

• Using our procedures to respond to and manage any allegations appropriately.

• Using our safeguarding procedures to share concerns and relevant information with agencies who need to know, and where appropriate involving children, young people, parents, families and carers.

• Safely recruiting staff and volunteers, ensuring all necessary checks are made. When required staff should be interviewed, references taken up and when necessary a DBS check completed.

• Providing effective management for staff and volunteers through supervision, support and training.

• Promote Safeguarding awareness through training and events.

• Implementing a Code of Conduct for staff and volunteers.

• Creating safe and supportive environments, including adequate supervision of activities and by following health and safety guidelines/procedures.

• Following procedures and policy for safe use of technology

• Recording and storing information professionally and securely.

• Providing pastoral care to those who have experienced abuse.

The Diocese utilises the Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service (CSAS) policies and procedures, and national law, as fundamental frameworks for Safeguarding. This is in line with the Catholic Church’s strategy of ensuring a “one church approach”, promoting uniformity of procedure across all Diocese in the United Kingdom. This policy statement should be read alongside CSAS policies and procedures which can be found on https://www.csas.uk.net/.

Key policy documents

The following links are to policies/procedures that are frequently used/referred to. This list is not exhaustive and further policies can be found on the CSAS website.

Safe recruitment

Management of allegations (child)

Management of allegations (adult)

Creating a safe environment

Safer use of technology, including photography

Safeguarding Governance

The Diocese has a dedicated Safeguarding Co-ordinator to act as a designated point of contact for Safeguarding matters/concerns. The Safeguarding Coordinator is responsible for ensuring safeguarding concerns are dealt with appropriately, offering guidance and support on safeguarding matters, developing safeguarding practice and policy, collaborating with/or signposting to partner agencies.

The Diocese is committed to appointing at least one voluntary Safeguarding Representative for each Parish to assist in promoting and raising awareness of Safeguarding Policy and Procedure at a local level.

The Safeguarding Commission is responsible for leading strategic direction of safeguarding policy and practice within the Diocese. The Commission is headed by an independent Lay Chair with relevant professional experience. Commission membership also includes representatives from partnership agencies, clergy/religious advisers and safeguarding representatives.

Safeguarding within Catholic Schools remains the responsibility of the school and the appointed safeguarding lead. The Hallam Safeguarding Coordinator will be informed of any safeguarding concern in a school on a need to know basis where there is need for joint working to ensure good safeguarding practice.

Reporting a concern

When a Safeguarding allegation or concern is raised- such as an allegation of harm of a child or adult at risk by a member of clergy / religious / church personnel/ volunteer, contact the Safeguarding Coordinator within 24 hours or as soon as reasonably practicable. The Safeguarding Coordinator can be contacted out of hours on mobile 07909117964. If the Safeguarding Coordinator is unavailable, leave a message. Pass on any notes and/or a Form-CM1 to the Safeguarding Coordinator within 24 hours.

For urgent matters where there is a risk of immediate or serious harm, contact the police and/or local social services. In the event of an emergency call 999, for less urgent contact with the police call 101. A follow up report should be made to the Safeguarding Coordinator within 24 hours. The form (CM1) can be used for this purpose.

The suspected perpetrator of abuse should not be contacted without the advice of the Safeguarding Coordinator/Police/Social care.

Allegations of past abuse against children/adults at risk should still be reported, even if it is believed that the perpetrator is deceased or no longer a threat.

Key contacts

Safeguarding Co-ordinator
Marie O’Donnelly


Safeguarding Administrator
Jo Pearson
0114 2566453
Email: jpearson@hallam-diocese.com

Chair of Commission.
Kathleen Walley
Email: kwalley@hallam-diocese.com

Clergy Advisor
Fr Peter McGuire

Hallam Caring Services
Bernie Ware –Safeguarding Team Manager
0114 256 6407

020 7901 1920

Key Terms
Child refers to any person under 18 years of age

Adult at Risk- Any person over the age of 18, who is need of care and support, and who are experiencing or are at risk of neglect or abuse.

1. Safeguarding Office

If you have any concerns about the immediate safety of someone who is vulnerable you should contact the police or your local social services department. Please follow safeguarding good practice guidance (see CSAS procedures).

Please noteby emailing us, you consent to your submitted details being collected, stored and used by the Diocese of Hallam only for the purpose or purposes for which you have provided them to us. Read more in our Privacy and Security Policy.


Marie O'DonnellyMarie O’Donnelly – Diocesan Safeguarding Co-ordinator

Contact Marie if you need:
– advice about good practice guidance
– advice about the conduct of adult workers or volunteers
– advice about policies and procedures
– advice and support if you have concerns about a child, young person or adult who may be at risk
– help regarding support that can be offered to people hurt by abuse
– to report safeguarding incidents or concerns

By phone on 0114 256 6453, 07909 117964 or by e-mail at modonnelly@hallam-diocese.com

For urgent Safeguarding  issues, or if you have any worries about a child or adult who may be at risk, please contact the Police or the Social Care unit of your Local Authority.


Fr PeterFr. Peter D McGuire – Clergy Advisor for Safeguarding

Contact Fr Peter if you:
– have any of the above concerns
– want further advice about the Catholic perspective on safeguarding

By phone on 01246 432 289 or by e-mail at peter@pdmcguire.com




Jo photoJo Pearson – Safeguarding Administrator

Contact Jo (Monday to Thursday 8.30am – 4.30pm) for:
– all administrative matters
– DBS enquiries
– safe recruitment practices
– to book or request training

By phone on 0114 256 6453 or by e-mail at jpearson@hallam-diocese.com





Amanda Bramall photoAmanda Bramall – Database Assistant

Contact Amanda on (Thursday 8am – 4pm) if you have any queries about:
– any aspect of the progress of DBS applications
– volunteer recruitment 

foundation governors

By e-mail at abramall@hallam-diocese.com





Bernie Ware – Safeguarding Team Manager – contact bware@hallam-diocese.com


2. Hallam Catholic Safeguarding Commission


The Hallam Catholic Safeguarding Commission:

• Seeks to implement National and Diocesan Policies, Guidelines and Procedures on the safeguarding, care and protection of children, young people and adults who may be at risk.

• Works closely with the Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service (CSAS) and through Parish Safeguarding Representatives and Designated Link Persons.

• Secures a strategy for the promotion of good and safe environments in all parishes and other apostolic works throughout the Diocese.

• Has advisory, supportive and monitoring functions and exists to discharge these functions at a strategic level in all matters relating to safeguarding in the Diocese/Religious Congregations.

• Is responsible for the assessment of needs to check safeguarding funding is adequate; ensuring safe process and the minimisation of risks.

• Co-operates with statutory bodies which have particular responsibilities in these areas.


• Mrs Kathleen Walley, Chair

• Fr. Declan Brett/Representative for Council of Clergy

• Bishop Ralph Heskett, Bishop of Hallam

• Mr Philip Patterson, Co Director of Education, Diocese of Hallam

• Sr Clare Smith, Religious Advisor for Safeguarding

• Victoria Horsefield, Sheffield Safeguarding Children’s Board Manager

• Mrs Maureen Moore, Trustee of the Diocese of Hallam

• Mr Dave Coefield, Local Safeguarding Representative Link Person

• Mrs Shauna Hilton, Local Safeguarding Representative Link Person

• Mrs Christine O’Sullivan, Local Safeguarding Representative Link Person

• Mr Anthony Dodsworth, Local Safeguarding Representative Link Person

• Miss Fiona O’Farrell, Local Safeguarding Representative Link Person

• Mr Robert Levesley, Local Safeguarding Representative Link Person

• DS Matthew Bolger (Safeguarding Adults / CID), South Yorkshire Police

• Mr Steve Hill – LADO (Local Authority Designated Officer) for Sheffield

Members of the Commission are either recruited to the Commission in line with the standards agreed by the National Catholics Safeguarding Commission and the Conference of Bishops of England and Wales for the implementation of “Towards a Culture of Safeguarding” or nominated by their agency.


RAM and Case Management Procedures July 2020

Commission Meetings – Schedule 2020

21st January 2020

28th April 2020

2nd June 2020

21st July 2020

15th September 2020

17th November 2020

*Please note all the above meetings are on Tuesdays, from 4.30
– 6.30pm and located at the Hallam Pastoral Centre, St Charles
Street, Sheffield, S9 3WU

In October 2019, an independent review of the safeguarding structures and arrangements within the Catholic Church in England and Wales was set in motion. Given the significant changes in the social and political environment since the work done by Lord Nolan in 2001 and by the Cumberlege Commission in 2007, along with the greater numbers involved in safeguarding in the Church, it was felt that such a review was clearly overdue.

The need for change was fuelled by the awareness of those who had suffered due to the failings in existent structures and the desire to prevent future hurt. Case studies showed that even when abuse was known, the Church was slow to address it and, in some instances, ignored it. Repeated failures betrayed the moral purpose of the Church and greatly reduced its credibility and moral standing. Change was clearly needed. The review led by Ian Elliott, sought in particular to listen and learn from those who had experienced abuse ultimately making a series of proposals and recommendations to address these failings and to reshape the safeguarding provision in the Catholic Church going forward. The recommendations of this report, along with those made by the separate Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) were wholly accepted by the Bishops conference in November of 2020.

Central to these recommendations was the replacement of the then existent national safeguarding bodies: the National Catholic Safeguarding Commission (NCSC) and Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service (CSAS) with three newly constituted entities:

The Catholic Safeguarding Standards Agency: A new professional standards body with regulatory powers.

A dedicated entity regarding safeguarding for Religious Life Groups, which are more formally defined as Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life (ICLSAL) covering religious orders and congregations.

A National Tribunal to address the canonical matters connected to clergy discipline and canonical offences, exercising jurisdiction exclusively in the canonical forum but extending to preliminary case evaluation and beyond.

This new model is built on a ‘One Church’ strategy to safeguarding – a commitment across all the dioceses and  Religious Life Groups to be One Church when it comes to safeguarding, with all organisations working to a common standards-based approach and transparency and accountability in the fulfilment and upholding of these standards.

The recommendations of the Reviews have laid a clear way forward and the Church is committed to the changes that will ensure that safeguarding in the Catholic Church in England and Wales will be transformed.

The Catholic Safeguarding Standards Agency seeks to ensure that through this revision and restructuring, real improvement can be achieved.

More info and procedural information can be found at



Or by e-mailing admin@catholicsafeguarding.org.uk  or calling 0207 901 1920.



If you have any concerns about any aspect of safeguarding practice in the Diocese or want to raise anything with the Commission, you can write to the Commission Chairs via the Hallam Pastoral Centre, St Charles Street, Sheffield, S9 3WU – marking your envelope as private and confidential for the attention of the Commission Chairs.


3. Local Safeguarding Reps and Designated Link Person

Many of our parishes have a volunteer safeguarding rep who are appointed following a formal interview and recruitment process.

The reps will have a good level of safeguarding knowledge and expertise obtained through a professional role and will have completed an induction and training before commencing their role in the parish.   

Parish Safeguarding Reps are the link between parish and the diocesan safeguarding office. They have specific responsibility for promoting good and safe practices in all activities involving children, young people and vulnerable adults within the parish or congregation.  This includes facilitating the DBS disclosure procedure and ensuring that everyone who is required to go through the process does so.

Parish Safeguarding Reps have a sound knowledge of the national policies and procedures and who to contact in the event of a safeguarding issue or concern. They also promote Diocesan training and events by displaying information on parish noticeboards, newsletters and parish websites.

Parish Safeguarding Reps are a valuable source of support for all our volunteers.  The contact details for your rep will be displayed in the parish.  If your parish does not have a safeguarding rep then the office can signpost you to a neighbouring rep who can help.

If you are interested in becoming a safeguarding rep for your parish then please contact the safeguarding office (0114 2566453) for information on the recruitment process.

Additional Designated Link Persons

In addition, as part of Diocesan attempts to embed safeguarding appropriately in all aspects of Diocesan life and ministry, Designated Link Persons have been appointed to groups which provide other support services and ministry across the Diocese, rather than specifically in Parishes. These include:

(Please noteby emailing us, you consent to your submitted details being collected, stored and used by the Diocese of Hallam only for the purpose or purposes for which you have provided them to us. Read more in our Privacy and Security Policy.)

Mrs Rose Shay, Lourdes Pilgrimage Vulnerable Adult

Dr John Cornell, Lourdes Pilgrimage Young People

Mrs Pauline Mulcrone, Society of St Vincent de Paul e-mail: mulcrone.Pauline@gmail.com

Mrs Sue Tym, Carmel Care

  Tel: 07971695722, Email: suetym@btconnect.com

Mr Michael Healy, Society of St Vincent de Paul Furniture Store

  Tel: 0114 2703990, Email: mike@svpfurniturestoresheffield.org.uk

Tracey Harrison-Marr, St Wilfrids Centre, Email: tracey@stwilfridscentre.org

Mrs Angela Powell, Catholic Aid for Overseas Development e-mail-: apowell@cafod.org.uk

Mrs Sue Tym, Family Focus Project

Mrs Tamara Fieldsend Polish School and Mission (Sheffield Polish Parish)

The Designated Link Persons can be contacted through the safeguarding office or through their organisations website.

4. Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service (CSAS)

CSAS is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the Church’s safeguarding policy. Mandated by the Conference of Bishops and Conference of Religious, it aims to ensure that standards are met and policies are implemented.

More info and procedural information can be found at www.csas.uk.net.

Or by e-mailing admin@csas.uk.net or calling 0121 237 3740.

5. National Commission

Role of the National Commission:

• Sets the strategic direction of the Church’s safeguarding policy and monitors compliance.

• Ensures standards are met and polices are implemented

For more information visit catholicsafeguarding.org.uk.

Click here to browse the latest annual reports.

Please noteby emailing us, you consent to your submitted details being collected, stored and used by the Diocese of Hallam only for the purpose or purposes for which you have provided them to us. Read more in our Privacy and Security Policy.

Diocesan Safeguarding Co-ordinator : Marie O’Donnelly
The Hallam Pastoral Centre, St Charles Street, Sheffield, S9 3WU
Office: 0114 256 6454, Work mobile: 0790 911 7964
Email: modonnelly@hallam-diocese.com

Clergy Adviser for Safeguarding : Rev Peter McGuire
28 College Road, Spinkhill, Sheffield, S21 3YB
Tel: 01246 432 289
Email: peter@pdmcguire.com

Safeguarding Administrator : Jo Pearson
The Hallam Pastoral Centre, St Charles Street, Sheffield S9 3WU
Tel: 0114 256 6453
Email: jpearson@hallam-diocese.com

Hallam Pastoral Centre
St Charles Street, Sheffield S9 3WU, UK

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