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Ask for ANI codeword scheme Ask for ANI has been developed by the Home Office with the domestic abuse sector to provide a simple and discreet way for victims to signal that they need immediate help from the police or other support services. The scheme will go live early next year, and in preparation for this we have shared materials with participating pharmacies to ensure staff are familiar with the training and guidance. The training resources include a short video and guidance documents on responding to the codeword and information about domestic abuse. To inform customers that staff are ready to respond, pharmacies are also required to display Ask for ANI posters. The Ask for ANI training and promotional resources are available on Separate training resources and co-branded posters are also available to those already participating in the Safe Spaces scheme. If you have any questions or feedback, please email us at [email protected]. Thank you in advance for your support with this important scheme. We will be in touch with more information ahead of launch. ‘Somethings Not Right’, #YouAreNotAlone and Community Safeguarding campaign materials The Home Office is currently running a number of campaigns in response to the coronavirus pandemic. We would like to remind you of the following campaigns, information and resources; ‘Something’s Not Right’ aims to help secondary school children in England who suffered a range of harms, such as sexual and physical abuse, during lockdown. More information is available on the campaign web page and in the attached supporters pack. All campaign materials are available to download from the campaign portal. #YouAreNotAlone aims to raise awareness and signpost to information and support available for victims, family/friends and perpetrators of domestic abuse. On GOV.UK there is full guidance and easy read guidance on getting help for Domestic Abuse during the coronavirus pandemic. An employer pack and translated campaign assets are available to download. There is more information in the partner pack attached. The Community Safeguarding Leaflet contains information and guidance for those who are still operating in communities and may not be trained to recognise the signs of abuse or neglect. The guidance covers signs to spot and what to do if there is a concern. You can view the Community Safeguarding Leaflet here. Key Christmas travel messages and assets Yesterday the Government announced plans to help minimise disruption and help people to be able to travel safely if they need to over the Christmas period. The key messages for over the Christmas period are: · Between 23 and 27 December, you may travel between tiers and other nations of the UK if necessary to meet with your Christmas bubble · Anyone travelling to or from Northern Ireland may travel on the 22 and 28 December. · As people consider whether to travel to see loved ones over the Christmas period, be prepared that journeys may be busier than usual. · Whatever way you travel, you should plan your journey carefully, book ahead, consider quieter routes and be prepared for journeys to take longer than normal. · When travelling, sanitise your hands regularly, wear a face covering unless exempt, and maintain social distancing. · If you are driving, avoid sharing a car with people not in your household, Christmas or support bubble. Plan ahead and check your route before you travel. · Follow local restrictions at your location for the Christmas period. A number of Christmas travel assets are available to be downloaded and used in social media activity or in other communications. Please do share these assets and messages with your networks. Domestic_Abuse_Partner_Pack_final_November_2020__ 33222-Something_s_Not_Right_Supporters_Pack_171247