Responding to The Psalms – March 2022


– a project of the Spirituality Committee of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales

“The annual observance of Lent is the special season for the ascent of the holy mountain of Easter.….

The faithful listening more intently to the word of God and devoting themselves to prayer,

are prepared through a spirit of repentance to renew their baptismal promises.” [Ceremonial of Bishops n.249]

After each psalm there is space to type or write your own thoughts as a possible Lenten journal.

“The Responsorial Psalm is an integral part of the Liturgy of the Word which has great liturgical and pastoral importance since it fosters meditation on the Word of God.” [GIRM n.61]

The idea is to take an idea from the psalm for your focus for a day or two, for yourself or shared with others.

Wednesday 2nd March  Ash Wednesday

Sunday 6th March First Sunday of Lent

Sunday 13th March 2022  Second Sunday of Lent

Sunday 20th March 2022  Third Sunday of Lent

Sunday 27th March 2022  Fourth Sunday of Lent