Responding to The Psalms – June 2023

A project of the Spirituality Committee of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales

“This explains why the Psalter is the favourite book of all the saints and why each one of them, whatever his circumstances may be, finds in it psalms and words which are appropriate to the circumstances in which he finds himself and meet his needs as adequately as if they were composed exclusively for his sake, and in such a way that he himself could not improve on them nor find or desire any better psalms or words … To sum up: if you want to see the holy Christian Church painted in glowing colours and in a form which is really alive and if you want this to be done in a miniature, you must get hold of the Psalter, there you will have in your possession a fine, clear, pure mirror which will show you what Christianity really is; yea, you will, find yourself in it and the true “know thyself” and God himself and all his creatures too.“

Martin Luther Second Preface to the German Psalter [1528] [in Artur Weiser The Psalms SCM 1962[1986]

We have used the Sunday Responsorial psalm to offer a focus for reflection during the week ahead for yourself or share with others. You could note your own thoughts as a possible personal journal.


Excerpts from The Psalms: A New Translation © 1963 The Grail (England) published by HarperCollins.

4 June The Most Holy Trinity– Solemnity

11 June Corpus Christi– Solemnity

18 June 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

25 June 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

29 June Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles – Mass of the Day