Responding to the Psalms – July 2022

A project of the Spirituality Committee of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales

What is more pleasing than a psalm? David expresses it well:Praise the Lord, for a song of praise is good: let there be praise of our God with gladness and grace.Yes, a psalm is a blessing on the lips of the people, a hymn in praise of God, the assembly’s homage, a general acclamation, a word that speaks for all, the voice of the Church, a confession of faith in song.”

from The Explanations of the Psalms by Saint Ambrose

Take an idea or phrase from the Sunday psalm for your focus for a day or two, for yourself or share with others. There is space for you to note your own thoughts as a possible personal journal.

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 3rd July

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 10th July

16th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 17th July

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 24th July

18th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 31st July