Let’s pray together for Sheffield with Arise:March

1-31 March 2023

Since 2021, over 100 churches from across Sheffield have been arising together each March to prayer-walk every street in our city, using a special Arise prayer-walking app.

Let’s see Sheffield transformed: every step we take brings us closer to the future God has for Sheffield.

Cover your local area in prayer, using the special Arise prayer app. The streets will glow brighter with every blessing.

Discover the prayer needs in your local area, and share them with Arisers through the app.

Recover the true meaning of Easter for Sheffield, by giving Easter cards and Easter eggs to your neighbours.

Join the Arise community to receive your invitation to the Arise:March Launch event, your link to the prayer-walking app, and additional tools to help you make the most of March. 

Sign up now at www.AriseSheffield.org