An Invitation to Join a Retreat Opportunity at Mount St Bernard’s Abbey

Saturday 27 April 2024

In a bid to strengthen their spiritual journey, parishioners from St Mary’s High Green and St Thomas More Parishes are gearing up for a transformative retreat day at the serene Mount St Bernard’s Cistercian Abbey in Coalville, Leicestershire. 

Departing promptly at 08:00 from St Mary’s by coach on Saturday, April 27, the retreat promises a profound and transformative experience of contemplation, prayer, and liturgy, in the tranquil surroundings of the Cistercian monastic community. 

St Mary’s Synod journey saw the formation of a dedicated Bible Study Group which meets each month. The retreat day is one of the fruits of their prayer and seeks to deepen the prayer life and spiritual growth of the Parish.

They want to share this with others and would like to extend a warm invitation to others seeking spiritual enrichment to parishioners from other churches. If you would like to join them on this transformative day then contact : [email protected].